Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Perspective ...

In life we are faced with all sorts of challenges & adversities ... sometimes it feels like we are faced with them at every corner. It can be challenges of health, finances, relationships, career, parenting or an endless list of other things ... what we do in those moments of challenge is what will form us into who we are. It is our perspective that is the difference maker ... What makes some people fight through trails & failures that others give up in & die. We have all heard the stories of people that make us stand in awe & wonder as to how they could have overcome such obstacles. What makes them fight on & survive ... not just survive but concur? ... A friend recently wrote a blog about failure (http://jaytimms.com/personal-growth/failure/). In it he talks about the concept of losing "everything." Sometimes in life it truly feels like we are losing everything ... but are we really?

I think there are a few important concepts to consider ... 1) Perspective - choosing a positive outlook & seeing the good in the bad almost always leads to a better outcome. 2) Focusing on who we want to be & where we want to be - By focusing on these two things we have a better chance for a more positive outcome. Like the saying ... "Life goes where you focus." You focus on the negative & the bad ... you probably will end up right there. 3) Focus your attention outward - when we are in the thick of our own stuff it is hard to see past it, but if we focus outward we will soon realize that there are many who have things much worse then we do. Try doing something positive for someone else regardless of our own circumstances ... it will lift your spirits as much as it will lift theirs. 4) Never give up - keep focused where you are heading & NEVER give up!

Two friends on FaceBook shared some You Tube videos today & I found them very fitting ... take a minute to watch them & you may just be inspired to keep going ...

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Confession ...

So I have a confession to make ... I did a bit of an experiment recently. I changed my supplement regime as a test ... I went off of all the supplements I have been on & that has made me feel so good. I just wanted to see if it was all in my head or not! ... I have been told that it is "all in my head" a time or two by people who I love. Less then 2 weeks in, I was noticing a change in my energy level ... decreased energy. 4 weeks in ... energy was NOT good ... was feeling like I needed a nap in the day again. Week 5 ... not able to make it through the day without a nap! EXAUSTION couldn't describe how I was feeling! My kids even noticed & were commenting to me about it!
I have been back on everything for the past 5 weeks ... My energy was significantly improved by week 2 (2 weeks seems to be my magic number) ... at 4 weeks I was feeling myself ... feeling GREAT! I told my husband the other night that I feel like I have accomplished more in the last 2 weeks then I have in the last two months!

To not have your health & then have it back again is AMAZING! Feeling good starts to feel like a new "normal" ... it was interesting for me to experience not having my health again ... I don't think I will ever forget or take for granted what it truly means to have my health, to FEEL GOOD! ... having good health allows me to truly LIVE my life!

Each day I want to choose to engage in my life, to be an active participant! I want to enjoy the moments life brings, both good & bad, knowing that they are the things that will mold me into the person God wants me to be. It is a difficult task for me to chose to live life this way ... I am the type of person that likes to control things, I like security ... the known. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) for me, life isn't that way & the sooner I chose to embrace that fact, rather then dig in my heels & try to make it my way, the sooner I will learn to LIVE life & just BE!